HEMA Alliance Affiliate- Martial Arts

(917)364-3172    Port Jervis, NY

Frequently asked questions

Our Martial Arts Program is quite different than the average school.
These are some of the most common things that people are curious about.
  1. How come I've never heard of Armizare or HEMA?
    Unlike Asia, Europeans did not continue to practice their martial traditions into modern times. Historical European Martial Arts did not have schools or teachers in which to learn from before the late 1990's. European Martial Arts programs needed to be created from historical manuscripts. HEMA is now emerging!
  2. Is your Martial Art Effective for Modern Self Defense?
    Yes!- We teach proper body mechanics and fighting principles that are ubiquitous throughout the martial arts spectrum. Armizare is however, a unique art in that we spend a lot of time learning weapons that are no longer carried. If you are only interested in modern self defense we may not be the best program for you.
  3. How do I Sign Up?
    You can e-mail [email protected] You can call 917-364-3172 You can come to class the night scheduled for a free introductory class
  4. Do you have to be in good shape to participate?
    Most people can join our practice activity if they are well enough to exercise. We recommend that if a participant has specific injuries that they opt out of any activity that would cause them further injury. Essentially our program accommodates most people with no judgements.
  5. Can my child or teenager participate?
    If they are18 or over they can participate, if not they are welcome to come and watch our practice. We do not currently have a program for children because of insurance, equipment, and legal reasons, but that may change in the future.
  6. Is Armizare/HEMA dangerous?
    It is as dangerous as softball or any other sport. Anyone can have a health issue, accident, or injury when they are involved in rigorous exercise! We follow all the equipment and activity safety standards as laid out by the HEMA Alliance for full contact activity!
  7. Is it really only $10 per month to train?
    Yes! We are a 501c3 educational organization listed under The HEMA Alliance. We are not a business. Everyone in the community is invited to benefit from our program- dues are a general donation for insurance and equipment. Port Jervis Recreation has been very generous allowing us use of facilities!
  8. Are you a Fencing program?
    Yes and No! Traditional Fencing simplifies sword fighting down to a core sport with specific rules for competition. Although HEMA has competitions, the main goal is to recreate the entire martial art for all aspects of fighting. In other words the fighting is expanded to encapsulate all aspects of battle a swordsman would encounter!