HEMA Alliance Affiliate- Martial Arts

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Tri-State Historical Fencing Club does not require students to purchase equipment.  We have basic "loaner" swords, masks, and protection for students to use during class.

Once our students realize how much they love fencing they usually buy their own gear. HEMA equipment can be expensive which is why most students start with a good waster then add protective equipment as they go along.


Four Catergories​ for Longswprds
1)Wasters- usually Nylon or Wood
both made to be similar weight and dimensions to it's historical version
Nylon is ok for full contact sparring, Wood is not used for live sparring.  Most of our students have a nylon waster from South Coast Swords

2)Federschwert- a Metal sparring sword that is designed to be safe for thrusting.  It is characterized by a large shilt and a narrow blunt blade and bends in the thrust.  This is the standard longsword for tournamants.

3)Blunts- Metal sparring swords with wider blunt blades that may not be as flexible in the thrust but are more similar to the original sharp histrorical version.
Good for controlled sparring and drills but not legal for most tournamants as they are more dangerous in the thrust.

4)Sharps-  This is a historically accurate sharp version of a medieval longsword.  This is not used EVER for sparring!  Cutting tatami mats is a skill most swordsman seek to develop and a sharp sword is needed to add this to your skillset.  We do not currently teach with sharps at class and we encouarage our students to attend safety instruction before attempting actions with a sharp weapon!