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Sword Fencing- Meets a Full Martial Arts Program

"In 1998 I went to Metropolis Fencing in NYC on Thursday nights to learn the foil and waited for an hour sometimes to get a live bout after class.  I loved the challenge of facing an opponent, it showed me everything I needed to work on.  Most other nights of the week you could find me at Aikido of Manhattan learning to disarm an opponent and throw them the ground."
"If you told me back then that there was a martial art that combined learning the sword, live fencing, and classical martial arts I would have signed up in a heartbeat!"
 Armizare is that art, that brings back the rich culture and history of our European Ancestors in Arms.  It was an essential part of a young knight or nobleman's education in Italy during the middle ages.  Armizare was a deadly and effective art for battle and personal self defense.  Our program teaches the art as interpreted by the top Armizare scholars of today through the International Armizare Society.


Location- Port Jervis NY-  The Youth Recreation Center, 3rd Floor- 134 Pike Street

Hours- Mondays Nights- 5-6PM and 6-7PM
Friday Mornings- 8-9AM

First Class is Free- anyone is welcome to come and watch during class time
$10 per month member fees--- We are a 501c3 non profit-- fees pay for insurance and equipment

Must be at least 18 years old
No Equipment needed for training just athletic shoes and clothing

Private lessons can be arranged

We also hold classes at Riverside Park under the covered stage on King St. and 4th St.
when the rec center is closed

Armizare Curriculum

Sword- the longsword in two hands and the sword in one hand
Dagger- empty hand against dagger, dagger against dagger, as well as dagger against sword
Grappling- called abrazare in Italian.  Throws, joint locks, breaks, holds, disarms, chokes
Polearms- Poleaxe and Spear

Students learn a complete system of fighting that translates from empty hand through each weapon with guard stances, footwork, terminology, and body mechanics.

Our curriculum, ranking system and testing, as well as our overall interpretation of historical resources are all sanctioned by the International Armizare Society.


Alex Meloi has been involved in the fighting arts most of his life.  He studied many different disciplines while living in NYC for over 14 years. Aikido, and Jeet Kun Do were his focus. Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Phillipino Kali, Mau Thai, and MMA were all taught to him at Anderson's Martial Arts JKD school in Manhattan.   He also enjoyed  foil fencing while living there and learned the Japanese sword through Aikido.  He was also involved in wrestling all throughout his school years.

"I had never heard of Armizare or even HEMA until January of 2015- I started reading books and resource material on the art, discovering that I've literally been setting myself up to learn Armizare all my life!  The grappling is a like a cross between Aikido and Western Wrestling, the dagger is very similar to Kali/Silat, and the sword and Polearms are much like classical fencing meets the Japanese Katana and Jo Staff.  Armizare of course has  many unique features and it's own nuances but I find the body mechanics are spot on with all the martial arts principles I've been taught!"

Private Lessons

Classes are small enough for students to progress at very good rate if they participate in weekly classes.  We do offer private lessons for anyone that maybe cannot follow the schedule or wants a one on one learning experience.  Call for details